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Lokay is a location based chat app that allows you to Locate, Chat & Explore your surrounding area.

You can locate nearby restaurants, venues, events and more. Yes! chat with real people or businesses, and you don’t even have to follow, befriend or have someone’s phone number to do it. That is just one of the many unique features of Lokay. 

Businesses connect with customers in a way never seen before. Have a spontaneous special or sale? Not to worry, reach many customers or potential customers with just the drop of a pin! Users around you will receive a push notification. 

Looking for something to do? Lokay gives you real time information. No more shuffling though endless web posts, or out of date information. Cut through the noise of social media and experience the ease of Lokay, all from the convenience of your mobile device.  Exploring has never been so easy!



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We appreciate our users and potential users. Please send us your feedback and questions at info@lokayme.com